About US

Hello and welcome to our ABOUT US page.

Francesca is a Reiki Master, EFT and Strategic Life Coach also trained in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression and she lives in Canada. Mark is a trained Hypnotherapist and EFT Coach, trained in NLP as well as Coaching and he lives in England.

These two compassionate healers started working together last year after exchanging a few sessions with one another to help each other through some tough life challenges.  They worked together so well that they naturally started producing quality courses online and on different platforms such as YouTube.

They are very passionate about what they do and wish to share with as many people as possible to show the world how we don't need to be gurus to achieve a certain level of joy and peace in our lives. 

They offer online Group Classes along with Personal ones, courses, and now finally even meditations.

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Thank you for your ongoing support in creating this wonderful healing community.

Please Note that Francesca's Main Youtube channel was deleted because she exposed someone who was supporting Kennedy and pretending to be on the people's side, when we know Kennedy supports the Clintons, who support Gates and the herd vaccines they are trying to push on everyone, ever so unlawfully, just like this unlawful quarantine. They are hurting people's immune system and for a virus that was never a threat, as Dr. Shiva explains basing his explanations on the actual science and not fearmongering news. Many people have died for their unlawful measures and all to sell poisonous vaccines which you cannot sue them for in case you get maimed or die because of the horrible ingredients in them, ingredients they don't have to test nor disclose btw. This hoax of a plandemic was the best marketing campaign for vaccines. Also, Youtube and Facebook have been censoring anyone talking about vitamins and how they help you during this time, including vitamin D coming from the sun. Please go to Dr. Shiva's website to learn more about all this. Also, please wake up, 5G is used in wars to kill people, it's not safe and you should vote against the roll-out of such harmful technology that has never been properly tested. We are humans, not robots, deep state and their pedovores need to stop trying to control and hurt humans, our freedom of speech and health, truth, love, and light. Enough with the effort to try and collapse the global economy while hurting and killing a bunch of innocent earthlings, all animals included. Stand up for your rights to health, freedom, and truth~

Happy Gentle Healing.