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Why Meditation and Energy Healing?

Why Meditation and Energy Healing?

Have you ever wondered why people who meditate daily are not as easily startled out of their peaceful state by world events that may rattle the rest of us?

Hello everybody and welcome to our meditation and healing cove. My colleague Mark and I are full-time energy healers/hypnotherapists/EFT/Life Coaches and online content creators. Our personal healing journeys brought us together to create a wonderful collaboration that has been positively affecting both of our lives in ways we could have never imagined before we started our meditation and healing journey using these amazing techniques we utilize in our daily routines. Meditation is very important in such routines and it's something we do daily, just like eating a healthy and nourishing meal, or taking a relaxing shower/bath.

With this in mind we set out to create online meditations, easily downloadable and affordable, so many more people can enjoy the blissful effects of such relaxing and healing ancient practices.

We also produce quality content online courses on different platforms and of course, we meet clients privately and on our popular group calls where people come together to heal in a group, like during a healing circle but online, so from the comfort of one's home.

Today we are so lucky to have more and more proof of the whys such great practices work so effectively in aiding anyone through their healing journey. With such great researchers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Dawson Church, Dr. Robert Morse...just to name a few, we are now able to see some of the whys and hows one can achieve such powerful states of bliss, even while going through truly hard times. For this and much more we invite our wonderful clients to check out our site often as we are working around the clock to add our amazing meditations, made with love and a lot of care.

Happy Gentle Healing and thank you for being part of our growing healing community.

Francesca and Mark

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